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The Cleveland brown jersey

The brown color defines the people and the Cleveland football franchise. They are not just colors they are old school. The browns have been very consistent in their uniform through their professional football history but there have been some changes.

Brown and Orange Cleveland brown jersey

The original browns played in the All-American Football Conference (a league separate from the NFL) and began wearing white helmets, brown and white jersey and white pants. They looked remarkably similar to their current uniform, and featured numbers with shadow boxing for a three-dimension effect. On the brown jersey the numbers were orange, with a white shadow and on the orange jerseys, the numbers were brown with orange shading.

It is the only NFL team without a logo. The brown suit design is decisively old school much like the team's coach Paul brown. The Cleveland brown are old school in their style. Their coach Paul Brown was a school teacher and he brought the classroom to the football field. As innovative as he was on the field and in class he did not do the same on the uniforms. He kept the uniform simple with no logo and it couldn't be a bother to him or the team. Again it goes back to the no-non sense attitude of Paul brown. The use of brown and orange in a fashion and design class would never work but it absolutely works on the brown team. This two colors are simply brilliant together.

They're the very first uniform of the 1940's and had a brilliant white with brown letters and a drop shadow which was kind of elegant. For the following three decades they kept it simple. In the early 1980's with the arrival of the cardiac kids and the new bold fashion statement was made. There was a shift in the dynamics, although they did not put the logo out there. They introduced orange pants. They were fun to look at but they were a flop. when they returned it was there original colors. The brown defines the people and the Cleveland football franchise. they are not just colors they are old school.

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